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Black wigs, long or short, can be ordered from the Internet, Halloween stores, or even party stores. U Part Wigs, Sometimes, second-hand stores will carry wigs, especially around Halloween season. Black wigs are likely the most popular wigs because of the diversity of characters who wear them; from Princesses to witches to movie characters. People can also choose from real hair wigs (which can be styled or dyed) or synthetic wigs which cannot be straightened at all.

Snow White, Mulan and the Frog Princess are the only three Disney princesses with black hair. To dress as these characters, either buy their costumes from a costume or second hand store. To make a costume from scratch, find an old prom dress. The rule is for the dress to be as puffy as possible from the waist down. This is true for Snow White and the Frog Princess but not Mulan. To dress the part of Mulan, either dress as a Chinese warrior or wear the pink and blue Chinese dress that Mulan wears at the beginning of the movie.

Uma Thurman’s portrayal of Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is legendary. The black wig comes in handy because everyone recognizes Mia from her haircut, which is a perfect short bob with bangs. To complete this costume, add black capris and a button-down white shirt. Keep a fake cigarette in one hand and act the part.

Depictions of ancient Egyptian women show them with shoulder length, think black hair. Women interested in this costume can use a thick, black bob styled wig with lots of gold jewelry because both rich and poor wore jewelry. Human Hair Lace Front Wigs, Also, black eyeliner that extends past the eyes is essential to the costume. To complete the costume, wear a white, flowing linen dress. Wear white because the ancient Egyptians did not dye their clothing.

When it comes to long black wigs, many horror costumes fulfill the role. Women can dress as witches and men can dress up as the Count Dracula. People can also dress up as Michael Jackson or crazy rock-stars with long, tangled hair. Celebrity Wigs, Add clocks to the horror costumes and skin tight outfits for the crazy rock-stars. Costume make-up is necessary to make these costumes successful as witches need black lipstick and Dracula needs white powder for his face.



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